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Art Education Assistant

This year, CUAG will offer one 12-week Art Education Assistant position to a qualified undergraduate or graduate student. The Art Education Assistant will assist with: 1) researching and developing outreach projects specifically for the student community on campus, to be implemented in autumn 2018; 2) planning, coordinating and implementing the five-week CUAG Art + Sports Camp; and 3) implementing CUAG's ongoing public programming initiatives during the summer.

Candidates who have experience with delivering innovative art-based public programming are preferred; however, CUAG is open to hiring bright and motivated non-specialists. Women, persons with disabilities, visible minorities, and Indigenous peoples are encouraged to apply.

This position is dependent upon funding from the Young Canada Works in Heritage Institutions program. Shortlisted candidates will be asked to verify they meet the YCW criteria, such as age, citizenship, and registration in the YCW database. Please send your application (CV and cover letter) to Victoria McGlinchey by 15 April 2018..

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